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Swagelok Southwestern Ontario

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Committed to Quality - All The Time, Everytime

We stand behind your business as strongly as we stand behind our products and services

Swagelok Custom Solutions

Take advantage of our custom solutions and integrated services.


Assembled by our certified technicians, we can supply the hoses you need when you need

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Swagelok Products

Swagelok Fittings

The Industry leader in fluid system components. Swagelok developed the original two-ferrule tube fitting and continues to improve its leak-tight design for use in thousands of diverse applications.

Pre-Engineered Subsystems

Swagelok fluid system components are specifically designed to optimize the sophisticated process and analytical instrumentation systems employed by the Petrochemical industry.

Long lasting valves for critical applications.

Unparalleled reliability is the key reason Southwestern Ontario industries choose Swagelok Valves.