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Process Interface Valves (DBB)

Process Interface Valve

Process Interface Valves (DBB)


  • Efficient transitions from process piping systems to instrumentation systems in a single configuration with fewer potential leak points
  • Lower installed weights and smaller footprints compared to assemblies featuring multiple valves and fittings

Our selection includes:

  • One-piece Forged Body Valves – VB04 Series
  • Three-piece Bolted Body Valves – VB03 Series
  • Process Monoflanges – MN0 Series
  • Reduced Fugitive Emissions Valves – VB05 Series
  • All-Needle Valves – VN01 Series
  • High-Pressure, High-Temperature (HPHT) – VN03 Series


Working Pressures Class 150 to class 2500, up to working temperatures listed below, in accordance with ASME B16.5: refer to product catalog for specific pressure ratings.
Working Temperatures -58 to 400°F (-50 to 204°C) for stainless steel and duplex valve assemblies
-50 to 400°F (-46 to 204°C) for carbon steel assemblies
Sizes Available Include 1, 1 1/2, and 2 in. (25, 38, and 50 mm) bore size – VB03 series
3/8, 1/2, and 3/4 in. (9.5, 14, and 20 mm) bore size – VB04 series

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"Safe Product Selection: The complete catalog contents must be reviewed to ensure that the system designer and user make a safe product selection. When selecting products, the total system design must be considered to ensure safe, trouble-free performance. Function, material compatibility, adequate ratings, proper installation, operation, and maintenance are the responsibilities of the system designer and user.

Do not mix or interchange product components with those of other manufacturers."