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Sample Stream Select

Stream Selector System

Stream-Select Valves

  • Reduce tubing connections and speed up installation in process analyzer sampling systems
  • Utilize a compact, space-saving design
  • Manage multiple process streams
  • Prevent cross-contamination
  • Provide repetitive shutoff with fewer potential leak points

Stream Selector System for Process Analyzer Applications (SSV Series)


The stream selector system (SSV series) is a modular assembly designed for process analyzer sampling systems that provides double-block-and-bleed (DBB) operation in a single compact module.

Watch how our SSV Series can help deliver representative samples.


Pressure Rating Up to 250 psig (17.2 bar)
Temperature Range 20 to 300°F (–6 to 148°C)
Actuation Pressure 40 to 150 psig (2.8 to 10.3 bar)
Bore Size 0.125 in. (3.2 mm)
Flow Coefficient 0.2
Seal Materials Fluorocarbon FKM, Simriz®, Kalrez®
End Connections 1/8 in. female NPT, Swagelok® MPC (ANSI/ISA 76.00.02-compatible)
Number of Process Streams 2 to 12, each controlled by a DBB module

Stream-Select, Switching, and Shutoff Valve Assemblies (TT2 Series and T2 Series)

Stream-select, switching, and shutoff valve assemblies are modular systems that provide multiple valve operations in a single, compact unit, requiring fewer tubing connections than conventional systems and saving cabinet space and installation time.


Pressure Rating Up to 300 psig (20.6 bar)
Temperature Range 0 to 300°F (–17 to 148°C)
Actuation Pressure 50 to 150 psig (3.5 to 10.3 bar)
Orifice 0.052 to 0.110 in. (1.32 to 2.8 mm)
End Connections
   Type Swagelok tube fitting, female NPT
   Size 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 in.; 3 mm

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"Safe Product Selection: The complete catalog contents must be reviewed to ensure that the system designer and user make a safe product selection. When selecting products, the total system design must be considered to ensure safe, trouble-free performance. Function, material compatibility, adequate ratings, proper installation, operation, and maintenance are the responsibilities of the system designer and user.

Do not mix or interchange product components with those of other manufacturers."