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Swagelok Southwestern Ontario

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Purchasing, Finance & Quality

Swagelok Southwestern Ontario Team Members

Aaron Somogye
Ed VandenEynde
Sales B.D.M
Sheila Bycraft
Accounts Receivable
Richard Wubs
Field Engineering Manager
Bill Fisher
Custom Solutions Technician
Scott Williamson
Custom Solutions Coordinator
Melissa Durance
Custom Solutions Technician
Ken Armitage
Account Manager / Custom Solutions
Vince Condo
Inside Account Development
John Godkin
Account Manager
Leonard Groeneveld
Account Manager
Jay Mattiussi
Inside Account Development
Bryan Mercier
Inside Account Development
& Nuclear Support Specialist
Carol Veinot
Tier One Customer Service Specialist
Jessica McDonald
Associate Trainer &
Lead Customer Service Specialist
Christine Robertson
Customer Service Specialist
Brett Stephen
Warehouse Specialist
Katie Whitman
MARCOM Specialist
Trevor Hodges
Information Technology Specialist