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Swagelok Southwestern Ontario

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Return Policy

Swagelok Southwestern Ontario Product Returns for Credit Policy

RETURNS: Suitability of purchased items for the intended application is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser. All sales as a result of issued Purchase Orders are considered FINAL but product returns may be considered under special circumstances. Return request inquiries are to be submitted directly to Approval indicated by the provision of a Return Authorization Number (RAN) is mandatory prior to returning product to Swagelok Southwestern Ontario. Any product received without an RAN, or not meeting return requirements, will be sent back to the Purchaser at their expense.

Return / Request for Credit Requirements

Swagelok Southwestern Ontario will issue a Return Authorization Number if all of the following conditions are met:

• Product was originally purchased from Swagelok Southwestern Ontario.
• A Returns Authorization Number has been provided to the Customer.
• Product has been shipped from Swagelok Southwestern Ontario within 60 days of the Purchaser requesting the return.
• Product is in original packaging the parts were provided in.
• Return quantity does not represent more than 10% of Swagelok Southwestern Ontario’s last 12 month sales of the part(s) in question, excluding the purchase volume of the customer requesting the return.

The following products are not eligible for Return or consideration for Credit under any circumstances:
• Assemblies.
• Specially cleaned products where the package has been opened.
• Items designated as “SPL *NON-RETURNABLE” as noted on the Quote, Order Acknowledgement or Invoice are non-cancellable once ordered & non-returnable under any conditions.
• Cut-to-length hoses or tubing.
• Non-Swagelok Branded parts sourced as a convenience on the Purchaser’s behalf.
• Fees for documentation provided.
• Equipment rental fees.
• Fees for scheduled training.
• Original freight / expediting charges.

• Per Line item - Restocking fee is 10% of the value of the return or $100 minimum, whichever is greater, and freight cost to return product must be paid by the customer.

Shipping Requirements and Method:
• All authorized returns must be received at Swagelok Southwestern Ontario within 15 days of Purchaser receipt of a Return Authorization Number.
• All approved returns are to be sent freight prepaid by the Purchaser. Determination of the carrier used in these situations is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser.
• Any freight claims due to a damage or loss during transport will be the responsibility of the Purchaser.
• Returns must be shipped to:
Swagelok Southwestern Ontario, 469 Campbell St., Sarnia, Ontario, N7T 2J1.

Other Conditions:
• Acceptability of an item for return is at the sole discretion of Swagelok Southwestern Ontario management.
• Returns accepted will be credited with a Credit Invoice applicable to outstanding invoices or for future purchases. No cash payment will be provided for returned items.