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MS-06-114 Curves Cover


Pressure-Reducing Regulator Flow Curves Technical Bulletin

A pressure regulator responds to changes in flow demand to maintain a pressure setpoint. As a regulator responds, its throughput changes as a consequence of its adjustments for pressure. The best way to understand this effect is to look at the flow curve of a regulator. For any given pressure setting, there is a flow rate that falls on the flow curve. As the flow rate changes, the regulator will follow along the flow curve to establish a new balance and flow.


flatten flow curve cover


Flattening pressure-reducing regulator flow curves in high-flow systems

When an application calls for maintaining consistent down-stream pressures at high flows, it will most likely require the use of a dome-loaded pressure-reducing regulator. This article explores the theory and application of several control schemes to flatten the flow curve.


Swagelok® Back Pressure Regulators Made Simple (24m)

In this webinar, Eric Kayla, pressure regulator expert and field engineer with Swagelok Company, discusses Back Pressure Regulators. He focuses on how they work and how to use them, covering topics including back pressure regulator theory of operation (how they work), different types of back pressure regulators, the difference between a back pressure regulator and a relief valve, how to read a back pressure regulator flow curve, and a few common, real world applications of back pressure regulators.

Flattening Regulator Flow Curves to Minimize Droop (5m)

Droop, the decrease in outlet pressure as downstream flow increases, is an issue for all regulators. Sometimes it is critical to keep the pressure constant as flow changes. Watch this video to learn about considerations in design for minimizing droop in a pressure-reducing regulator.

Supply Pressure Effect: Webinar Highlight (4m)

In this excerpt from the webinar "The Theory and Operation of Pressure Reducing Regulators", Eric Kayla explains what Supply Pressure Effect is and how to manage it.