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Swagelok Southwestern Ontario

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Swagelok Regulator Maintenance

Although design, selection & assembly are integral aspects of reliable, high-quality systems, maintenance is equally important. We build regulators that can be maintained instead of being thrown away.

Maintenance Instructions

Maintenance instructions for all Swagelok regulators are available from your Swagelok website.

Maintenance Kits for Other Regulator Series

Maintenance kits for KLF, KHF, KPP, KPF, KHP, KHR, KFB, KCB, KPB, KHB, KSV, and KEV series regulators are available. To order, contact your authorized Swagelok representative; to ensure correct kit contents, please provide the original regulator ordering number.

Service kits are readily available

KPR / RHPS Example Maintenance Instructions