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Swagelok Southwestern Ontario

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Swagelok Nuclear Capabilities

Nuclear Capabilities
Swagelok Southwestern Ontario

Minimize risk by choosing Swagelok
Our dedication to quality and reliability leads to longer product life, reducing expensive operational downtime and helping your workers spend less time and resources replacing assemblies. Swagelok products' ease of installation means you're up and running quicker without rework required. This reduces workers' collective radiation doses and the cost impact of that exposure.

Our focus on As Low As Reasonably Achievable or
As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARA/ALARP)
dose reduction protocols decreases workers'
exposure times as well.

Build Swagelok into the design
When you specify Swagelok products for new construction or retrofits, you know that you're getting quality, reliability, and safety, backed by our limited lifetime warranty

For more information about our Nuclear products and services,
contact our Nuclear Support Specialist here.