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Swagelok Southwestern Ontario

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Engineering and Compliance Support

Based on your needs we have engineers and scientists who can support you in a variety of areas. Working with you on the design of the products and systems you need components for as well as to help you solve problems. We provide support in the area of:

• Field Engineering Services - working with us you have access to product test evaluations and technical services engineers who can provide important insight into your project. Our highly trained Technical Services Department can provide expert knowledge in every aspect of our product line.

• Nuclear Engineering Support Services – our engineers can provide direction related to design and compliance requirements for nuclear applications and help you ensure Code Compliance.

• Engineering To Order Products (ETOP) – are dedicated ETOP group can offer custom solutions for low-volume specialty items that can range from simple to complex designs. If you need a fluid system product, subassembly, or solution with an unusual configuration, capability, or combination of features, we will work with you to define your needs. Then together Swagelok factory professionals we will suggest an effective solution. Our solution may consist of a; custom configuration or subassembly, custom engineered solution, or even, recommendation to use another company’s product.

• Product Evaluations – We can help you identify possible design, assembly, or installation problems to her product evaluation services. Swagelok’s extensive laboratories and test facilities have help customers identify the cause of premature component where, determine if a specific material is suitable for use, identify sources of contamination, and develop cycle life data to help determine component life expectancy. Product evaluations can help you identify opportunities to lower your operational costs by reducing downtime, inventory and rework.

• Product Substitutions support – If you are ever face of the frustration of trying to find a replacement component for product is no longer being made or one that was manufactured by a company that no longer exists, then you will appreciate our ability to help you find viable, alternative solutions. We can help take the sting out of replacement component searches. We do this and then document savings in areas such as reduced purchase cost, maintenance, and downtime.

• Compliance Specialists - can help ensure that the products you are selecting for your systems meet applicable International and Local Industrial Standards and provide supporting documentation you require.